Armed with a cookbook, a love for baking and cooking originating from our Kapampangan heritage and gutsy determination, The Pan Bakeshoppe, began with a single recipe that proved to be a success.


Meet the Chef!

An economics graduate from the University of Sto. Tomas, Chef Star 's journey to the creative world of baking was quite incidental. Gift-giving to relatives and friends of her home bakes led to requests for special orders. Chef Star has studied under Chef Heny Sison and Chef Jill Sandique and most recently enrolled under the tutelage of Chef Judy Koh (Creative Culinaire School, Singapore)


To be a trusted provider of delightful and delectable sweet and savory baked items exceeding expectations of both Individual and Institutional Clients. Sustainable and profitable thus giving value for all its Stakeholders.


To serve carefully and safely prepared unique baked items that delight all Pan Bake Shoppe consumers.


1. Creativity
2. Fun
3. Innovation
4. Bring out the best in people
5. Preservation of Capampangan heritage; rootedness
6. Integrity
7. Efficiency
8. Commitment


To share goodness that delight both sophisticated and ordinary folks, innovatively developed by harnessing our creative talents and collaborating with our stakeholders and inspiring individuals and drawing from our shared culture and heritage.